Beachbody Coach Compensation Plan

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Beachbody Coach Compensation Plan

Beachbody Coach Rank

I wanted to make a post that easily shows you what the Beachbody Coach rank and compensation plan looks like and what you need in your organization to achieve each desired level. 

Every one begins at ground level as a coach.  You then become an “active” coach when you have a total of 50 pv (personal volume) for the week.  This PV comes from either your customers’ orders AND/OR your own.  This will keep you ‘active’ for a rolling 5 week period.  You do not need to be ‘active’ in order to run your business and make commission, although you must be current with your $15 per month business fees. Your compensation opportunities are limited at this rank to the 25% commission for retail sales, the Success Starters bonus, the yearly Success Club Trip and any other cash or prizes Beachbody may offer in relationship to achieving Success Club throughout the year.  This video will explain the ways you can earn money at the beginning ‘coach’ level. 

Earning Greater Income Through Rank Advancement

As you sponsor a new coach into your team or organization you begin your way to the first rank which is Emerald.  Emerald rank = You+2.  Once you hit Emerald and you are all active, you will be eligible for CYCLE BONUSES and the CUSTOMER LEAD PROGRAM which means you get free customers from Beachbody who order off of the infomercials.  Whether that customer chooses to interact with you or not, you will collect a 25% commission off of all of their future purchases.  

After Emerald, the only way to advance your Beachbody coach rank is to help others on your team who you have sponsored to advance in rank themselves.  This is what I love about Beachbody.  You have a job to lead and inspire people.  You will help them set and achieve goals.  As you advance with your Beachbody Coach rank you will see other features such as the ability to earn more income per week from  what your team or  ‘down-line’ is producing. Here are the ranks and how to achieve them:

beachbody coach rank


star diamond rank beachbody

6-10 Star Diamond Ranks

6-10 Star Diamond Ranks

star diamond beachbody rank

11-15 Star Diamond Ranks

Explanation of Cycle Bonuses and How to Earn Them

This picture below shows you how the bonus cycles work so that you have an idea of how you make an income based off of what your team of coaches does.  Team Bonus cycles are paid out weekly.  This is in addition to the 25% commission that you make off of your personal Beachbody product sales.  cycle

For a visual explanation of how this works, here’s a fun little video to help you make sense of this (it’s silly, but effective!) 

Potential Weekly and Yearly Max Earning in Cycle Bonuses

Finally, this chart shows how those cycle bonuses can add up, based on rank and team effort.  These are cycle bonuses only and do not include what you would also be earning in your own commissions, both immediate and residual. (Please note that these figures are potential earnings and not guarantees.)  

Not to confuse things, but you should also know that each coach is entitled to open up to 25 different business centers upon qualification, beginning at 2 Star Diamond Rank.  What that means is that you can duplicate yourself, opening another unique coaching business that is tied to your first one (sponsoring yourself as if you are a new coach).  Those new business centers are eligible to earn these same weekly max bonuses. Yeah…you read that right! 


Are you ready to get started?  Please complete this brief Coach Apprentice Application and I will be in touch!


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