One Decision

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One Decision

Make One Decision-Choose Your Own Adventure!

Did you ever read one of those ‘Choose your own Adventure’ books when you were a kid? You read to the end of the section, then ‘choose’ what will happen next by flipping to a certain page.

One decision changes the entire story.

They were pretty cool-made me feel powerful.

Funny thing is that life is like that. Every decision you make, even the decision NOT to make a decision, will change the course of the future that might have been.

Think about that.

decisionThe problem is that as we get older some of us feel less and less in control of those decisions…’trapped’ in a place, a relationship, a body, a job that crushes the future we had once dared to dream for ourselves.

But guess what? The future is coming anyway.

And even if they are teeny-tiny-SEEMINGLY-insignificant steps, EACH CHOICE MATTERS. Those steps WILL lead you to the future OF YOUR CHOOSING.

But which future will it be??

Future #1 – where you are lazy and never reach your potential?

Future #2 – where you SETTLE for moderate success?

Future #3 – where you SMACK life outta the park… where you kick ass… where you give everything you have to the world and fulfill your potential?!

One decision changes the entire story.

Remember that.

I made a choice 5 years ago. When we went bankrupt, when we lost everything, when I felt that LIFE was falling down and CRUSHING me, that I had NO CONTROL…I MADE A CHOICE.

I took hold of the ONE thing that I felt I still had control over….ME. MY BODY. Everything else was a disaster, but I could still control THAT: what I ate, how I moved…here, at least, was ONE thing that I could control as everything else spun out of control.

I opened P90X. I pressed PLAY. Then I payed it FORWARD.

That decision changed my entire story.

But this is not about me. Right here, right now, this is about YOU!

Where are YOU in YOUR story??

What FUTURE are YOU headed for??

Is it TIME to make a NEW CHOICE??

If your answer is YES, take the first step! My next challenge starts in 7 days and as of now there are still a few spots left.

***I will walk with you every step of the way but you HAVE to be ready to COMMIT!***

One decision changes the entire story.

—>>Ask me about getting started. Message me in a comment below or find me at<—

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