About Me :)

Hi!  I’m an active mommy of three terrific kiddos. :)  After many years of suffering from depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and thyroid disorder, I am now COMPLETELY happy, healthy and medicine free thanks to Shakeology and the BALANCE that Beachbody’s programs brought to my life. My passion is helping other people find the same success!

Kelley profile picMy fitness journey began 5 years ago when Mike and I decided to take on P90X. I’ve spent many years in various fitness programs, none of them for very long. With an attention span like mine, finding an intense, but varied program like P90X was perfect! I was even more excited when I realized that there were many programs available through Beachbody, most with the same multi-disk, change-it-up concept. Awesome!
At 5’2″ and 115 lbs, people would actually laugh at me when I said I needed to get in shape. But under my carefully chosen outfits was a terribly out of shape, under-toned, unhealthy woman! And health, after all, isn’t so much how you LOOK, but how you FEEL. And the way I felt was T-I-R-E-D! I was tired all the time – I probably said it 20 times a day. Too tired to go to the park, too tired to clean the house, too tired to run around with the kids, and certainly too tired to go exercise! I felt like a terrible wife and mother and nothing like the active role model I’d always wanted to be. I had to find my fire, rekindle the spirit of my youth and BE the vibrant person I know I was meant to be. The problem was, I had no idea how to go about it! One or two Grande Non-Fat Cinnamon White Chocolate Mocha’s per day(with light whip and Cinnamon Sprinkle= 420 cals and 13 grams of fat!!!) were doing nothing more than giving me a temporary caffeine rush and then settling unattractively around my waist and thighs. Sure, I looked alright walking around the grocery store- but you couldn’t pay me enough to wear a swimsuit if anyone else was going to be around! I’m ashamed to admit it, but although we live near the beach we didn’t go ONE TIME last summer because I didn’t want to have to put on the dreaded swim suit. It was terribly selfish, and we all lost out on what I’m sure would have been some pretty amazing memories.

So this is where my husband and I came back from tucking in the kids one night and the P90X commercial was on. We were captivated. Okay, HE was captivated and I was scared out of my mind! We were both very much out of shape, but with his knowledge as a former sports professional, he told me this program “made sense and would work if we just gave it a try”. After learning of the nutrition guide that comes with the program, I thought I’d found my way out! I said I’d only do it if he agreed to follow the Nutrition Plan and eat anything I put in front of him. I thought that since he, being a VERY picky eater and Pepsi/Cheetos fanatic, would never agree to that…but I was WRONG (thank goodness) and the rest is history! P90X arrived, I did LOTS of grocery shopping and pantry cleaning, and we Pressed Play!!

Is everything perfect yet? Of course not! But it’s getting a little better every day…every day that we PRESS PLAY!!

Day 60 Update: Fantastic! I can’t believe how fast the changes are taking place. My best friend and I used to spend about two hours in the gym almost every single day and even at my best, I did not have the results I’m seeing so far! I love the way my torso feels, and after THREE c-sections, I never thought I’d say that! We’re following the Nutrition plan, eating clean and feeling great! Looking forward to a beach trip on Day 90!! Thank you Beachbody!

Day 90 Update: Hello Results City!! I can’t BELIEVE the changes that come in the last 30 days! I’ve had a lot of different shapes in my life, but never one that looked this GOOD! I am FULL of energy, my relationship with my husband is the BEST it’s ever been, we’re out doing stuff with the kids ALL the time – this program did everything I hoped for and SO much more! To anyone out there that might read this…I want you to BELIEVE in the power of your program, whichever one you choose. The systems, when combined with the nutrition plans WORK!! Just keep at it! I didn’t see any huge, dramatic changes until my LAST 30 days, it was slow and steady, but I KEPT the faith and am seriously blown away!! Believe in yourself and what you can achieve – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH!!


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